The Hot & Spicy Latina Milf


Colombian Sexuality

Hotlips Melanie lifts her skirt and reveals her sexy high heeled legs and big booty.

A poll in Miss Travel has the majority of men saying that Colombian women are the sexiest. I completely agree! We have the Latina thickness and curves, and are more open with our sexuality, which makes us more sexual.

Pornstar exposes her big tits and high heeled legs.

We love to show-off our bodies by always wearing high heels and tight dresses that accent our curvy physique. Showing cleavage is a must! I never wear a bra, and panties are always optional. My large labia lips need to breath.

Melanie spreads her high heeled legs and exposed her meaty labia lips.

Being a Colombian woman with large labia creates an even greater interest by both men and women. They are awestruck by the large sizes of my labia. A well-defined vulva with prominent labia lips contributes to a woman’s sexuality.

Melanie chupa la polla dando placer oral.

Colombian women enjoy pleasing and servicing their men. One of the many ways that I please my men is to suck their cocks. I really love to give head, but I have and ulterior motive. I love cum! I am not one that does deep throat but I know how to make a guy cum using my lips, tongue and suction.

Big tits and face covered in cum.

I am a cum craver. I like the taste and feel of it in my mouth and sprayed on my face and tits. Sucking cock gets me what I crave. Make sure you check-out my cock sucking videos in my store.

Country Girl

Country girl in a flannel shirt with her big tits hanging out.

Even a sexy Colombian babe can be a little bit country. All you need is a flannel shirt, some shit kicker high heeled boots, and a hat. Jeans are optional, as you can see. We enjoy a weekend at a cabin with our man just like American country girls. We just need to becareful and not break a nail. HeHe.

Big tit country girl spreads her legs to reveal her large labia.

Some might say that country girls are too masculine. With these long luscious lips and big boobs how could I be anything but a real woman? With stimulation to my labia and clit, I can reach orgasm very easily and multiple times, something that is only good news for both me and the guy I am with.

Hotlips Melanie, the country girl, removes her flannel shirt and does a hand bra with her big tits.

The really sexy country girls always have big boobs. Filling out a tight flannel shirt like Daisy Duke is a real turn-on for a man. Oops! I took my flannel shirt off.

Big boobed country girl with red lips sucks cock wearing her hat.

I don’t know if country girls are good cock suckers, but I know I am. I savour the taste and the smell of a man’s hard cock with a desire to pleasure him with my tongue and lips. My favorite is doing more than one cock at once so I can enjoy adjusting my tongue and lips, and it thrills me how each one feels different deep in my throat. Being a cum craver, I love the feel and taste of a man’s sperm in my mouth or sprayed on my face and tits. The more the merrier.

Big tit country babe with large labia is sprayed with cum.

The Colombian country girl gets covered in cum. Make sure you check-out my Country Girl Cock Sucking video. I give great head and take a load of cum in my mouth and all over my big tits.

Craving Cum

Latina milf spreads legs in high heels before giving head.

I am about ready to suck cock,.. one of my favorite things,… spreading my voluptuous legs and thick thighs wearing high heels to turn on my man. Take a peek at my large labia lips! Did I mention my big tits and pierced nipples? A combination that always gets a rise out of a guy. In addition, I am a Colombian babe, and we do everything better in the bedroom. Trust me!

Hotlips Melanie is on her knees licking a big cock.

We Colombian women give the best head because we want to please our man. I am a little different. I am a cum craver and just not a pleaser! I need the feel of a man’s sperm on my face, big tits and pierced nipples, …and I love the taste of his warm cum in my mouth. I suck cock for cum too.

Latina mom with red lips is sucking dick.

My photographer always tells me that hands free is the best way to such dick. He says he doesn’t understand why women need to hold on to a guy’s cock while giving head. It’s erect, attached and not going anywhere. He told me to just grab the guys legs and fuck his cock with my mouth.

Cum dripping from red Latina milf lips after swallowing a laod of cum.

I took another load of cum in mouth! The taste of semen is slightly salty and warm, but sometimes it can have a sweet taste depending on the guys diet. No mater how it tastes, it always causes me to have an intense orgasm when I feel the warm liquid filling my mouth. Sometime I swallow it, and sometimes I drip it on my boobs so I can feel the cum on my pierced nipples.

High heeled wife gets a titty cum bath after sucking her husbands cock.

A really steamy shot of my tits covered in cum after giving good head. The sexy outfit and my high heeled legs is a nice addtion to make it a really sultry photo. Make sure your check out all my videos in my clip store or at BlowBob’s clip store.

Sexratary Melanie

Big tit secretary shows off her deep cleavage.

I always try to be very professional at work, but I think my choice of low cut top revealing my big tits and deep cleavage my have been too seductive. My boss asked me to stay after hours for some additional dictation. I asked him if I would get a bonus for the additional work, and he said yes.

High heeled secretary wearing stocking spreads her legs and exposes large labia.

My stocking clad legs and stripper high heels probably weren’t appropriate for the office either. But…., I am sure that what really caused my boss to want more dictation was the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties, and my large labia lips were exposed every time I spread my legs.

Red lipped secretary, wearing glasses, sucks her bosses big cock.

The additional after hours dictation did not include using a pen and paper. It was my mouth. I wrapped my red lips around his hard cock and started giving him a deep sloppy blow job. As I was giving him head, he assured me that I would have my job forever and I would receive my bonus when he was satisfied with my work.

Sexy secretary is covered in cum after sucking her bosses big dick.

Besides my pay check, I got the bonus I wanted. A load of cum on my face and big tits. It is nice having a boss that knows how to reward their secretary with a cum bath. Make sure you check-out my video sucking my bosses cock, here.

Brunette, Hotlips Melanie

Brunette, Hotlips Melanie in a body stocking and high heels.

In my earlier modeling career I was a brunette. Personally, I prefer blonde. They say blondes have more fun, but I always have fun. What do you think? My photographer and my fans on Flicker seem to like it. They say I look good as a brunette.

Latina Milf showing off her big tits and pieced nipples

A nice view of my big boobs and pierced nipples no longer squashed by my sheer and tight body suit. I like the feel of my breasts free and not restrained by a bra or tight outfit. I hate wearing a bra!

Big tit Latina hand bra with pierced nipples exposed

A hand bra works!

Sheer Latina Milf Cock Sucker

Latina mom, exposes her big boobs and sexy legs in a sheer dress.

Just a few photos from from my latest photo shoot that I hope you enjoy. I am wearing a sheer see throught outfit that accents my sexy high heeled legs and wraps tight around my big boobs. A glamorous and sexy look, I think. You can even see my pierced nipples through the thin material. It also hugs my plump butt nicely. Don’t you think?

Glamour Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie, shows off her high heeled voluptuous legs.

I love getting dressed up. Espacially in sexy and revealing outfits. This is perfect for clubbing with a little vest added just to cover my boobs until I get in the door. No doubt,… I will get looks from men and women, but that is the goal. Shock and awe! Also, hopefully to have an evening of sexual debauchery that lasts into the wee hours of the morning.

Beautiful Colombian wife sucks cock using her long tongue.

I got so horny wearing the outfit during the shoot that I wanted to suck cock, so my photographer served up his dick for my pleasure. His too, of course. I got on all fours in front of him, with my plump butt in the air, and went down on his dick. I licked the head of his cock with my tongue, then wrapped my full red lips around the shaft and pumped his hard cock with my face. Sucking cock always gets me wett, and is an ogasmic experince.

Glamorous pornstar swallows cum after giving head.

A mouth full of cum was the end result of my cock sucking. I really crave cum! The taste and feel is so sensual and erotic. Make sure you check out the video.