The Hot & Spicy Latina Milf

Kneeling for Cock

High heeled, big booty milf kneeling to suck cock.
One of my favorite positions when I give head, is to be on my knees with my big booty sticking up in the air so the guy can imagine fucking from behind as I suck his cock.

Blonde, Latina milf, licks a big cock with her long tongue.
While I am on my knees, I lick his cock with my long tongue as I squeeze his balls. Very soon, though, I want, and need, more, and can no longer hold back just licking the head of his rock hard cock.

Latina milf opens her mouth wide to suck a big cock.

So.., I open my mouth wide so I can take his cock deep in my mouth and then wrap my lips around his dick as I slide my lips up and down his shaft until my lips hits the base of his cock. I continue to suck harder with my mouth, sucking furiously as I pull away. I drag my tongue along the underside of his cock, and then massage the head with my lips and long tongue.

High heeled, big tit, Latina milf gets a facial after giving deep head while on all fours.
Then, I want a facial! Feeling his balls swelling, I sit up so he can shoot his stream of cum on my face, or in my mouth. I enjoy both. The first load of sperm usually flies into my hair, the second shot will hit me on the forehead. The third and fourth shots splatter my eyes and face while the later bursts land on my tits covering my pierced nipples with sperm. It is so fucking good!

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