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I am a mature mom, but I still love sex. Some people think that as you get older you loose interest in sex. Not me! I still enjoy sucking cock and getting a really good fuck. Maybe it is the Latin influence of a woman serving her man, and pleasing him. All I know is that, as a 54 year old mature mom, I still enjoy sex.

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It is so erotic and stimulating to knell down and undo a guys belt and pull his pants down. Then take hold of his throbbing meat and start licking the head. Listening to him moan quietly as I take the rest of his hard dick into my mouth and start sucking it.

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I can’t do really deep throat, but I can give really sloppy, wet head. I get turned on when he grabs my hair and fucks my face with his cock. Feeling his hard member jamming down my throat gives my a huge orgasm. But, what I really want is his cum. I want to feel him dump his load in my mouth, or on my face and tits. I am a cum craving mature mom!

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