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Country Girl

Country girl in a flannel shirt with her big tits hanging out.

Even a sexy Colombian babe can be a little bit country. All you need is a flannel shirt, some shit kicker high heeled boots, and a hat. Jeans are optional, as you can see. We enjoy a weekend at a cabin with our man just like American country girls. We just need to becareful and not break a nail. HeHe.

Big tit country girl spreads her legs to reveal her large labia.

Some might say that country girls are too masculine. With these long luscious lips and big boobs how could I be anything but a real woman? With stimulation to my labia and clit, I can reach orgasm very easily and multiple times, something that is only good news for both me and the guy I am with.

Hotlips Melanie, the country girl, removes her flannel shirt and does a hand bra with her big tits.

The really sexy country girls always have big boobs. Filling out a tight flannel shirt like Daisy Duke is a real turn-on for a man. Oops! I took my flannel shirt off.

Big boobed country girl with red lips sucks cock wearing her hat.

I don’t know if country girls are good cock suckers, but I know I am. I savour the taste and the smell of a man’s hard cock with a desire to pleasure him with my tongue and lips. My favorite is doing more than one cock at once so I can enjoy adjusting my tongue and lips, and it thrills me how each one feels different deep in my throat. Being a cum craver, I love the feel and taste of a man’s sperm in my mouth or sprayed on my face and tits. The more the merrier.

Big tit country babe with large labia is sprayed with cum.

The Colombian country girl gets covered in cum. Make sure you check-out my Country Girl Cock Sucking video. I give great head and take a load of cum in my mouth and all over my big tits.

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