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Sexratary Melanie

Big tit secretary shows off her deep cleavage.

I always try to be very professional at work, but I think my choice of low cut top revealing my big tits and deep cleavage my have been too seductive. My boss asked me to stay after hours for some additional dictation. I asked him if I would get a bonus for the additional work, and he said yes.

High heeled secretary wearing stocking spreads her legs and exposes large labia.

My stocking clad legs and stripper high heels probably weren’t appropriate for the office either. But…., I am sure that what really caused my boss to want more dictation was the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties, and my large labia lips were exposed every time I spread my legs.

Red lipped secretary, wearing glasses, sucks her bosses big cock.

The additional after hours dictation did not include using a pen and paper. It was my mouth. I wrapped my red lips around his hard cock and started giving him a deep sloppy blow job. As I was giving him head, he assured me that I would have my job forever and I would receive my bonus when he was satisfied with my work.

Sexy secretary is covered in cum after sucking her bosses big dick.

Besides my pay check, I got the bonus I wanted. A load of cum on my face and big tits. It is nice having a boss that knows how to reward their secretary with a cum bath. Make sure you check-out my video sucking my bosses cock, here.

Brunette, Hotlips Melanie

Brunette, Hotlips Melanie in a body stocking and high heels.

In my earlier modeling career I was a brunette. Personally, I prefer blonde. They say blondes have more fun, but I always have fun. What do you think? My photographer and my fans on Flicker seem to like it. They say I look good as a brunette.

Latina Milf showing off her big tits and pieced nipples

A nice view of my big boobs and pierced nipples no longer squashed by my sheer and tight body suit. I like the feel of my breasts free and not restrained by a bra or tight outfit. I hate wearing a bra!

Big tit Latina hand bra with pierced nipples exposed

A hand bra works!

Naughty or Nice?

Merry Christmas to all from Hotlips Melanie.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. I hope you had as much fun as I had this 2015 holiday season. My gift to you is an extra special Christmas entry with more than the usual number of photos. I hope you will enjoy them.

Melanie has been naughty this year by exposing all her toys.

I was very naughty this year, but in a nice way. Being playful and mischievous doesn’t really hurt anyone, especially when the result is that you get to play with me and my toys. I think everyone should be a little naughty once in a while. Don’t you?

Unwrapped and wide open Hotlips Melanie

But, when I am nice, I am really nice. I give freely and enjoy sharing what I have with others in need. If you suffer from that deadly sperm build-up I know how to provide you relief.

Hotlips Melanie is being a naughty cock sucker for the Holidays

As you can see I am one of the gifts under tree, and, I am a gift that keeps giving. Head that is! I love to suck cock.

Hotlips Melanie is a cum covered Christmas gift.

Sucking cock means I always get what I want for Christmas. A Holiday Season full of cum. If you believe like I do, that it is better to give than receive you, you will always benefit.

Hotlips Melanie is having a very cummy Christmas.

I want to thank all my loyal fans and wish everyone a Happy New Year. May you and yours stay healthy and happy during the coming year.

Quiero agradecer a todos mis fieles seguidores y deseo a todos un Feliz Año Nuevo. Que usted y los suyos mantenerse saludable y feliz durante el próximo año.

Body Stocking Blow Job

Hotlips Melanie is dressed in a see through body stocking.

I just love wearing body stockings. They are so sexy and erotic. They cling to me body covering me from neck to toe and accent all the voluptuous curves on a my body. My favorites are the crotchless ones. Hehe.

Hotlips Melanie is sucking cock wearing a body stocking.

I added a pair of fuck me high heels and I got the reaction I was looking for with this fishnet body stocking. A rock hard cock to suck on. What more could a girl want? How about a creamy facial?

Hotlips Melanie is covered in cum after giving head.

I just love having my tits and face covered in cum, and as you can see I always get what i want.

Bewitching Hotlips Melanie

Melanie's big tits are popping out of her witch Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween everyone! I decided to do something fun and sexy for Halloween. I hope like the photos?

Hotlips Melanie's bewitching boobs and pierced nipples.

Bewitching boobs and pierced nipples.

Melanie shows off her sexy high heeled legs and big tits in her Halloween witch costume.

Party hardy this Halloween, and have a lot of sex for me, but do not drink and drive. Guess what I did with the pumpkin?

Cock Sucking Colombian Milf

Big tit Colombian milf, Hotlips Melanie, is ready to give head.

Colombian women are the hottest lovers! They have the sexiest bodies, good pussy, and they are the best cock suckers. You may say that there are a lot of women in the world with the same qualities. The difference is, Colombian women are always very sexual, and we love to please our men. We dress provocatively to serve the sexual desires of our men, and sometimes women. We yearn for the sexual passion that a woman can give to our partner.

Colombian Milf, Hotlips Mleanie, sucks a big cock.

One of those passions is using your mouth and tongue to give a guy an amazing blow job. I am talking about a deep sloppy, lip locking, blow job! Getting on your knees in-front your guy, wearing your sexiest outfit and high heels, and giving him the most intense head he has every had. That is what Colombian women do.

Big tit, Hotlips Melanie, swallows a load of cum after giving deep throat.

Sucking a guys cock and swallowing his cum go hand in hand. Colombian women crave cum, and the key to a great blow job is to swallow the the guys cum. It is an amazing feeling , as you feel the guy shaking, and his warm cum squirts in your mouth. I really love it!

Light Stick Pussy Insertion

The big tit Latina milf, Hotlips Melanie is sucking and a light stick. Sexy legs and tits exposed.

What I like is something unquestionably not meant to be shoved into a woman, firmly driven, pounded, and then pushed back and forth inside of my pussy.  Something I can use to stimulate my G-spot. Normally, larger objects are my favorites.  Cucumbers, yucca, bottles, light bulbs, candles and corn on the cob, to name just a few. You get the idea.  Something that stretches my vagina , gets me wet, and fucks me very well.
Hotlips Melanie, the Latina Milf,  fucks her big tits and pierced nipples with a light stick.
This time, I wanted to try something a little different. A chemical light stick, which I figured would offer more of the visual stimulation with the glow emanating from between my large labia lips as I fucked my self. It was long enough to penetrate deep in my pussy and give me the feeling of a lengthy dick.
Hotlips Melanie spreads her large labia and inserts a chemical light stick deep in her pussy.

Whenever I do object insertions I always squirt. For those of you who may not be aware, when a woman squirts she is having an orgasm. It is not pee! For me, all orgasms do not feel the same. Some days the orgasms are more intense than others depending who and how I am being fucked, or what I am using to fucking myself. Hitting the G-spot in the right way is key. I am a “squirter,” and it feels amazing! I know exactly where my G-spot is, and I can stimulate it to make myself squirt, with almost any object, basically any time I want. Make sure you check out all my squirting clips in my clips store, with all the different objects I use to stimulate my G-spot and have amazingly intense orgasms.

Facial Fun

Hotlips Melanie, the big tit Latina milf, craves cum and getting facials.

I do not understand why some women do not like cum. For me, I love it! I am a cum craver. I like the taste of sperm when a guy cums in my mouth, and I really enjoy a guy giving me a hot sticky facial by shooting his load on my face and tits. Not only that, it is healthy. A guy ejaculate on your face is best for increasing your beauty and restoring youthfulness. Believe it or not, as woman is giving oral pleasure to her partner, blood flow comes into her face, which can help to open her pores so that semen can be readily absorbed into her skin.  Semen acts as an astringent on your skin because it closes up the pores, tightening and shrinking wrinkles, while at the same time helps with the generation of new skin cells.   Warm semen also affects melanin (pigments), which helps to keep the skin and hair healthy.

The big tit Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie, gets a face covered in cum after sucking cock.

And if that is not enough to convince you of the benefits of getting sprayed with a man’s cum after giving him head, it  is very sensual and erotic. You please him, and he rewards with his sperm. What could be better? Even if he comes in your mouth, there are health benefits. Biochemists have found high quantities of vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and iron, and it even has antibiotic properties–all within a high concentration of protein.  Ingesting semen can be good for you and can also help you to bond more deeply with your partner. I am speaking from experience. You can read about it here.

Melanie Hotlips is a cum covered, facialized Latina Milf, showing off her big tits and pierced nipples.

All you guys need to tell your, wives, girlfriends or partners, the health benefits of cum. I am 52 years old, and getting a daily dose of cum on my face has kept me looking younger. It has also been a lot of fun too! Almost all of my videos end with a facial or me swallowing a load of cum. It is so fucking good!

High Heeled Pumps Spread

Latina Milf's, sexy legs in high heeled pumps, a short skirt, showing big tit deep cleavage.

If you like big tit Latina Milf’s, with sexy legs in high heels, and showing deep cleavage, you have found the hottest site on the web. I not only show you my sexy photos of me in in high heels, wearing sexy outfits,… you get to see me sucking cock, spreading my large labia, inserting objects and toys, interracial, facials and much more.

Big tit, high heeled Latina Milf, exposes her big tits and pierced nipples in a short skirt.

You can see my big tits with pierced nipples fucked, and watch them cover in cum after I give a guy’s dick a deep throat blow job. I love facials and swallowing cum. Latina Milf’s are the best lovers, and especially Colombian women. We are experts in pleasing our men.

Latina milf spreads her high heeled, sexy legs, and large labia with her big tits, and pierced nipples exposed.

Watch me spread my sexy legs in high heels, in short skirts, as I finger my large labia lips. There is nothing more erotic than a woman spreading her sexy legs so that you can easy access to her pussy.

Nude in High Heels

Hotlips Melanie is in bed, nude, wearing only high heels. She has amazing sexy legs and big tits.

Would you like to join me in bed? I am nude, wearing only high heels and ans covered in a  little blue sheer throw. You can see my boobs and pieced nipples through the  material of the throw.

Hotlips Melanie, the Latina Milf, is nude in her bed wearing only high heels.

I pulled down the throw in this shot, so you can see my big tits and pierced nipples. I did a really hot blow job at the end of the shoot, and got a face full of cum. Always my favorite end to giving a guy head.

Hotlips Melanie's big tits and pierced nipples exposed.

My big tits, deep cleavage and pierced nipples exposed, close-up. Make sure you check-out my blow job video from this shoot.

UnZipped Tits

Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie shows off her sexy high heeled legs in a short skirt. Her big tit, deep cleavage, is revealed too.

This is one of my favorite dresses. It is short and tight, showing off my sexy legs, and deep big tit cleavage. It unzips in the front, all the way down to my pussy. The dress  makes it is easy to remove in the heat of sex.

The Latina Milf, and porn star, Hotlips Melanie, does a big tit and deep cleavage glamour shoot. Her pierced nipples are exposed.

As I always say, Colombian women are the sexiest! The unzipped, zipper dress, shows off my big tit Latina Milf deep cleavage. My pierced nipples are peeking out, wanting some attention. I may be a porn star, but I am for real! I love sex. Doing it on camera adds another dimension to having sex. I guess it is the exhibitionist side of me.

Hotlips Melanie, the sexy leg, high heeled, big tit Latina Milf porn star shows of her  legs on a short skirt.

Sexy legs, high heels, big tits, Latina Milf, porn star, deep cleavage, pierced nipples and Hotlips Melanie are all my tags. This photo covers them all. Make sure you check out my videos at my clip store. I squirt, give deep throat blow jobs, swallow cum, get facials, and of course, get fucked.

Black Widow Dress

Hotlips Melanie, the Latina pornster and Milf, shows of her sexy legs in high heels

I really love this dress. It is long with a slit in the front, almost up to my pussy, and the deep v neckline shows off my big tits and deep cleavage. It has baggy long sleeves that hang like webbing when you raise your arms. I call it my “black widow” dress. The way my high heeled legs pop out of the slit when I sit down is so sexy.

The big tit, pierced nipple, Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie, in a short skirt and high heels.

It stretches, so I can pull down the deep v and expose my big tits and pierced nipples. It gives me some really sexy deep cleavage as it pushes my boobies together. I always get stares, and compliments when I wear it out to a club. Of course, my boobis are not hanging out. I save that for later, in the bedroom.

Hotlips Melanie spreads her sexy high heeled legs and exposes her large labia.

Because of the long slit in the front, if I do not wear any panties, when I spread my sexy legs you can see my large labia. I typically do not wear any panties, and never wear a bra. I like the freedom, and it makes me feel sexy and promiscuous.

Booty, Boobs & Legs

The big tits and deep cleavage of Hotlips Melanie.

A photo of my deep, inviting cleavage. I have large, full boobs that jut out from my chest like soft round melons. My nipples are pierced and you can see them  poking through the material of my sexy lingerie. I am very proud of my boobs and I don’t mind showing them off. Almost every dress I own is low cut to show off my big tits and deep cleavage.

Hotlips Melanie's big booty, big boobs and sexy high heeled legs. She is wearing a short skirt.

I love showing off my sexy voluptuous legs in high heels.  I find it so exciting to watch men trying to catch a glimpse of my legs while I am wearing shorts or a short skirt. I have caught a lot of younger men looking at my legs, especially when I am wearing heels and hose. My legs are not thin, but they are shapely and tanned.

Hotlips Melanie's plump Latina booty.

I don’t have a big booty, but it is soft and plump. Cushion for the push’n, as they say. I like a man behind me while I am on all fours, doing it doggie style, pushing into me as he grabs my ass cheeks. Fucking me hard, and then pulling my hair as if he were riding a horse. A little anal is fum too!

Classy Colombian Milf

Hotlips Melanie shows off her sexy legs, in high heels and a short skirt.

Colombian women are the sexiest women in the world, and we are the best lovers. After you look at my photos and check-out my videos, I am sure you will agree. We have sexy legs, big tits, big bootys and really good pussy. Other women may have those qualities, but what really sets us aside from other women, is that we love to please. Giving others pleasure, gives us pleasure. We also like being sexual, and sexy. Latina women, especially Colombian women, delight in their sexuality.

Hotlips Melanie, the Latina Milf, exposes her big tits and pierced nipples in a short skirt and high heels.

We like the looks and the attention we get from being a real women. The attention we get by wearing short skirts and high heels showing off our voluptuous and sexy legs makes us feel feminine and sexy.  We are mothers and wives, but we are also very sexual women. We relish in showing off our sexuality and being a sexy and sensual woman.

Hotlips Melanie's big tits and pierced nipples exposed. She is in high heels and a short skirt showing off her sexy legs.

I love showing off my sexy high heeled legs. Exposing my big tits and pierced nipples for all to see. After looking at my photos, tell me that Colombian women are not the sexiest women in the world. I am a great lover too!

Large Labia Leg Spread

Hotlips Melanie shows off her sexy high heeled legs, and big tit cleavage.

When I did my first video and photo shoots I got a lot of attention from my large lips. I have always had large labia and I didn’t think it was that interesting, and I actually considered having them surgically reduced. After all the attention, I now show them off proudly. I even had them pierced.

Hotlips Melanie spreads her high heeled legs exposing her large labia. Her big tits, and pierced nipples are exposed too!

This is a really hot, and sexy shot of my large labia hanging in between my high heeled, wide spread legs. Sometimes I like to fuck in this position. Sitting, legs spread, and a guy on his knees in front of me driving his cock between my large labia, and deep in my pussy. I love looking into a guys eyes as he pumps me hard with his cock. My two other favorite positions are doggie style and being on top. Riding cock is probably my most favorite fuck position.

Hotlips Melanie spread her legs and large labia with her big tits popping out of her tight dress.

I will tell you that once you have had tried Colombian pussy you  will never want any other pussy. Especially mine! My pussy is good, and with my large labia wrapping around your cock while you fuck me, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. My pussy is still tight even after having a child. I am a Latina Milf!

Dildo Fuck & Facial

Hotlips Melanie sucks a big dildo cock with her stocking clad, high heeled legs spread.

I love my toys, or anything I can get my hands on to fuck myself with. This is one of my favorite toys, my double headed dildo. I am sucking on it as I finger my wet pussy. My high heeled, and stocking clad legs, are spread wide for a deep dildo fucking.

Hotlips Melanie, high heeled legs spread wide, fucks herself with her big double headed dildo.

I love the camera! I am actually watching myself  on tv as I insert my big dildo in my pussy and fuck myself. You can watch me squirt, as I jam this big dildo cock in my Latina pussy. Check out the video clip in my clip store.

Hotlips Melanie is facialized and gets a titty cum after sucking cock.

After the the dildo fuck, and squirting, I was still horny. I enticed my photographers into sucking his cock, and he was more than willing. I crave cum, and I worked his hard cock with my mouth and tongue until he shot a loaf of cum on my face and big tits. A guys warm sticky sperm sprayed on my face, or tits, always gives me an intense orgasum. I am a cum craving Latina Milf!

Is It Color?

Hotlips Melanie is in a short skirts and high heels with her big tits popping out of her sexy dress.

These are photos from a glamour shoot with me in a short skirt showing off my sexy legs and big tit deep cleavage. Is there anything you notice about the photos?

Hotlips Melanie's big tit deep cleavage and long finger nails. She is one sexy Latina Milf!

If you noticed that I am in color and the background is black and white, you are correct. You might not have realized it because you were staring and my big tit’s deep cleavage. My pierced nipples are peeking out of the dress too. Did you notice anything else?

High heeled, big tit Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie exposes her beautiful boobs, pierced nipples, and sexy legs.

It is my long finger nails. Wouldn’t you like me to rake your back with my nails, as you are driving your hard cock in my pussy? I also love to fuck with high heels on. Hope you won’t mind.

Sexy Smoke

Sexy, cigar smoking, Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie.

I am not really a smoker, but a nice cigar every once in a while is one of my fetishes. After an evening out at the club, I come home and sit down with an adult beverage and light up a cigar.

Big tits Hotlips Melanie is doing a puff and blow on her cigar. Her big tits are popping out.

A little puff and blow with my big boobs and pierced nipples popping out of my tight dress.

Sexy leg, high heeled Milf, Hotlips Melanie puffing on a cigar with her big tits popping out of her tight dress.

It wasn’t long after blowing smoke that I was blowing a cock. I was actually still smoking the cigar while I was giving head. If  you like smoking videos and photos, make sure you check out my clip and image stores.


Hermosa, Latina Milf, Hotlips Melanie. La exposición de sus paros grandes y piernas atractivas en tacones altos.

Una jactancia de Colombiano hermosa Milf sus piernas voluptuosas y atractivas en tacones altos, sus paros grandes y engrasadores perforados. Cuando he dicho antes, las mujeres colombianas son los mejores amantes.

Hotlips Melanie, la Latina de paro grande con engrasadores perforados y piernas atractivas.

Las mujeres Colombianas son el mejor amartillan a imbéciles. Disfrutamos complaciendo a nuestros hombres y va a a algo para hacerlos felices.

La Latina de paro grande milf expuso sus engrasadores perforados con la hendidura profunda.

Una foto atractiva de mis paros grandes y engrasadores perforados. Dígame que las mujeres Colombianas no son las mujeres más calientes en la tierra

Fetish Style

Hotlips Melanie's fetish side. The latex dominatrix that will enslave you with her sexual debauchery.

My fetish style, using a little latex number to drive you into submission. I will be your sexual Goddess and demand that you serve my sexual needs in every way.

Hotlips Melanie dominates with her strong legs and big tits. Her slaves secome the the voluptuous sexual Goddess.

Kneel before your dominatrix and pay homage to her voluptuous high heeled legs and big tits. If you are a good slave, you will be rewarded with your Goddesses sexual talents. If you don’t, you will be punished. Just kidding,… a little.

Deep V Boobs

Hotlips Melanie, the big tit Latina Colombian milf exposes her deep cleavage.

Is this some really hot deep cleavage or what! I am always interested in a good titty fuck or a nipple licking and sucking. Believe it or not I wear this revealing pant suit outfit to the clubs. Of course, my tits aren’t popping out, but my deep cleavage is exposed for all to see.

High heeled, Hotlips Melanie, exposes her deep cleavage and pierced nipples. She is a sexy Colombian mature beauty with a hot body.

Another of my club, pants suit outfit, that has a deep v in the front. It also has a slit in the pant leg  the lets me show my sexy legs in high heels. This is one of my favorite outfits.

Colombian women are the best lovers. With their big tits and deep cleavage they can melt any man to down to a whimpering, sexual slave.

Colombian women are the best lovers. With my big tits, cock sucking skills, and the good pussy between my sexy legs, I can turn you into my sexual slave. I want your cum and will use my body to get what I want.

Long Finger Nails

Hotlips Melanie's sexy legs, big tits, and sinfully long finger nails.

I usually have average length nails, but my photographer want me to do sinfully long finger nails. It turned out to be really sexy with the high heels, business suit jacket and my boobs popping out.

Hotlips Melanie's big tits, deep cleavage, and sinfully long finger nails. Doing a hand bra.

My hand bra with with long finger nails.

Big tits, deep cleavage, pierced nipples, and long finger nails. There is nothing sexier on a Latina milf.

A sexy deep cleavage photo with my pierced nipples popping out. The ripped beat’er tee is pretty erotic.

Deep Cleavage

The deep cleavage and big tits of the Colombian Latina milf, Hotlips Melanie

My big tits and deep cleavage. I am a very voluptuous 38D and I almost never wear a bra.

Melanie Hotlips, the Latina milf, exposed her big tits and pierced nipples..

I have pierced nipples and my large labia are pierced too.


The hot and sexy Latina Milf Hotlips Melanie's deep cleavage.

Welcome to my new blog. I am Hotlips Melanie, a 50 year old Latina milf living in South Florida and enjoying  a hedonistic love of life.  As you will see, I have a very curvaceous body with large firm boobs. My nipples are pierced. In between my hot legs are a set of meaty labia that are also pierced. You may have seen me on the web, and some of my early porn DVD’s are out there but this is the place to get all the latest photos and videos of my sexual escapades. If you want, you can leave comments and I will always respond. I enjoy variety and women are always welcome. I also crave interracial sex with men and women. Black is beautiful! Naaah! It’s just hot as shit.
Please visit my clip store, or my image store for all my latest sexual debauchery. I have thousands of photos and hours and hours of video. You can see me sucking cock and swallowing loads of cum. I love cum and getting a sperm bath. It’s “so fucking good!”